How to change the font on Instagram?

Many users pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their Instagram profiles. They treat it as a personal diary where they can share their memories with others. On their accounts, Buy Instagram Followers UK can often see beautiful, matching photos, unusual descriptions or intriguing BIO.

To achieve the perfect look for their account, they add a lot of amazing things to it. One of them are special fonts . It cannot be denied that they attract attention. It is possible that you also wanted to add them to your account, but did not know how to do it or you were worried about the costs associated with it.

Changing the font on Instagram is completely free and simple. In this article, we’ll tell you how to change them and what patterns we think are the best.

Why should I change my Instagram font?

• Changing the font will add character to your profile,

• This way you will stand out from other accounts,

• Other fonts often look much better than the classic ones,

• You will make your profile more interesting, and therefore you will gain more followers and likes on Instagram,

• You will be able to express yourself and your style.

How to change the font on Instagram in BIO?

The application itself does not offer us to change the font. Therefore, to do this, we have to think a little bit more. This is where font generators come in handy. The most popular of them is . So how do you change the font on Instagram?

1. Go to the website given above.

2. On the left side, enter what you want to be in your BIO.

3. You will see a list of fonts to choose from on the right.

4. Choose one of them and copy.

5. Paste into your Instagram CV.

How to change Instagram font in photo description?

It’s also child’s play! If you are adding a new post to your profile, do it like this:

• Go to Instagram and press the plus sign in the middle, at the bottom.

• Choose a photo.

• Go to

• Write a description and choose a font.

• Copy this and paste it into “Add a description …”.

If you want to change the font in a post you added long ago, do it like this:

• Click on the photo whose description you want to edit.

• Click on the three horizontal dots on the top left.

• Select “edit”.

• Copy the old description and paste it on the left side of the font editor.

• Choose a new font and paste the description back into place.

• Click “done”.

Apps to change fonts on Instagram

Of course, it would not be possible without specially designed applications. We will present you with some examples of them for Android and iOS.

System Application name

Android Fonts — Fonts. Keyboard

Android Font for Instagram — Beauty Font Style

Android Phone fonts 50

iOS Fonts

iOS Fonts Art — Fonts for iPhones

iOS Keyboard Fonts ++

Which fonts according to SocialCaptain are the best?

We’ll show you our favorites when it comes to fonts. You can find all of them at

How else to enrich BIO and Instagram photo descriptions?

Of course, changing the font is not all you can do. There are plenty of other ways to enrich your Instagram profile. Emoticons are a good example of this. They don’t have to be the basic ones, but the more sophisticated ones. Another idea are special graphics for the highlighted accounts.




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